Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unplug Update

Okay, so the National Unplug week (April 20-26) was a week of MUCH less tv and internet time. I was online for classes of course...and I'll admit to sneaking into blogspot once. The television proved a little trickier. I had to remind the kids for the first couple days that we're not watching TV. I got some pleas, but overall I thought my girls handled it great. Thankfully the weather was BEAUTIFUL that week and they spent a great deal of time outside playing with friends and coming in tired and sweaty. I loved it!!

I will admit that on Thursday night my two shows (Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice) were watched. Those are truly the only shows that I was worried about missing...and in the end, I gave in to selfishness.

My husband didn't really go along with this whole thing and he continued to play his video games...which unfortunately are becoming an obsession I think. Personally, I don't see the excitement in it, but I digress.

I am proud of the girls and I and think it will make it easier for us to "unplug" more often.

I did miss blogging though and had SO many things come up that I wanted to blog about, but I'll live.

ONE FINAL EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: I took my last Final Exam today so I am officially done with this semester!! :)

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