Monday, April 13, 2009

Ingredients of a Good Teacher

Have you ever read those silly little "recipes" that show the ingredients of say, a Mom? 3 c. Love, 1 tsp meanness, 1 gallon patience, etc...

There are certain qualitites and characteristics we come to expect of good parents, good preachers, and good teachers. I'm sure there's a butt-load of good ones, but if you had to pick the Top 5, what would you say?

One of my favorite teachers this semester told us her Top 5 and I believe they're good ones:

1. Positive Attitude
2. Flexibility
3. Compassion
4. Good Communication Skills
5. Loves Learning

I know you'll agree that these are pretty good...seems they would be a good Top 5 for Moms and Preachers alike too. :)

I KNOW these are good qualities to have, but as I sit and think about whether I possess them, I'm not real sure. Sometimes I have a crummy attitude; I'm not sure I'd be thrilled to have all my hard work at lesson planning go down the tubes for x,y,and z; I do feel I have compassion (until I get that angry parent in my face, or I get the lazy/no good parent, etc); I can communicate my feelings and wants my husband (LOL), but will I be able to do that with my co-workers, my kids' parents, my kids??; I do honestly feel that I enjoy learning, but again sometimes that's all relative. Learning what? Science?-heck naw! New classroom management suggestions? Bring it on! Learning in general? Sure.

I suppose only time will tell how all these will play out once I'm in the school system, I do know that I will try my best and I'll certainly ask God for help.

I think having a good support system, whether in- or outside the school will be a necessity.

So, I ask....Do you possess these qualities? Do you have better ones to add?

Do you believe I should get out of the teaching field immediately?!

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