Sunday, December 20, 2009


On November 14, I took my first 2 Praxis exams: Content Knowledge and Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT). I left the testing center scared about how I did. These tests are hard. I waited a month and finallyt the results were in....PASSED!!!! I was/am so excited!!!!

Just the other day I received a package in the mail from ETS (the testing ppl) and it was a certificate of achievement because on the PLT I scored in the top 15% of all test-takers on that exam. Are you kidding me?? I was floored and extremely proud to say the least! :)

On January 9, I am scheduled to take the last 2 Praxis exams: Assessment and Reading Across the Curriculum. Guess I know what I'll be doing after Christmas! lol

My first placement for Student Teaching is January 11. I'm so nervous but more excited! I cannot believe I'm this close to finishing school and being in my career! This has been a long journey and it's almost surreal now. pinch me. ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


...........TONIGHT IS MY LAST CLASS EVER!! whoo-hoo!!

Too bad it's not a class I particularly enjoy AND we have to do a group presentation. Have I ever mentioned how I loathe group work?! ugh.

But I'll do it; it'll be great....and then it'll all be over!! :D

I have gotten my test results back from when I took 2 of my Praxis exams (Content Knowledge and P.L.T.) and I passed them both which is so exciting. I will take my last 2 on January 9. Begin my placement for student teaching on January 11, and God willing, will have a blast and it'll be over in the blink of an eye....ahhhh...HOPEFULLY. Prayers may commence. ;)