Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unplug Update

Okay, so the National Unplug week (April 20-26) was a week of MUCH less tv and internet time. I was online for classes of course...and I'll admit to sneaking into blogspot once. The television proved a little trickier. I had to remind the kids for the first couple days that we're not watching TV. I got some pleas, but overall I thought my girls handled it great. Thankfully the weather was BEAUTIFUL that week and they spent a great deal of time outside playing with friends and coming in tired and sweaty. I loved it!!

I will admit that on Thursday night my two shows (Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice) were watched. Those are truly the only shows that I was worried about missing...and in the end, I gave in to selfishness.

My husband didn't really go along with this whole thing and he continued to play his video games...which unfortunately are becoming an obsession I think. Personally, I don't see the excitement in it, but I digress.

I am proud of the girls and I and think it will make it easier for us to "unplug" more often.

I did miss blogging though and had SO many things come up that I wanted to blog about, but I'll live.

ONE FINAL EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: I took my last Final Exam today so I am officially done with this semester!! :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Best Fit

In many of our class assignments, I am asked to pick the grade I would prefer teaching and base my lesson plans, etc with that age group. I hate this question. I honestly don't know. I have reasons for and against each grade, and don't really think I'll know until I am in the classroom...but by then I'd like to think it wouldn't matter; that I can make everyday such a fun and exciting learning experience that it won't matter. But I honestly just don't know.

I have made lesson plans, classroom managements, PowerPoints, First Day "script", etc, etc for nearly all grades K-6.

I am taking ELED 4350- Theory to Practice (Practicum) in the fall. I am hoping that after being paired in one older grade and one younger grade I can get the feel for which one will be a better fit. I know all in all it still won't matter. When I first graduate, I will just be happy to be offered a job in whatever grade and subject I can.

So should instructors constantly ask us to pick the grade we want for assignments or should they make us branch out into various grade levels so we'll be ready when we are placed elsewhere?

Friday, April 17, 2009

ACLU Threatens Suit in Gay Web Site Filtering

ACLU Threatens Suit in Gay Web Site Filtering

April 17, 2009

Last December, when Andrew Emitt starting looking for college scholarships, he turned to his high school library, hoping to find Web sites that would guide him.

Gay high school senior Andrew Emitt has joined forces with the ACLU to end blocking of LGBT resource Web sites, which they say is "protected speech."
(ABC News)But the Tennessee 17-year-old is gay, and when he searched for organizations that might be friendly to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) students, he hit a firewall.

What he discovered is that 107 schools in Tennessee -- including his, Knoxville Central High School -- use software that can block Web sites catering to gay issues.

Emitt couldn't find any education sites, but he could find those that promoted "reparative therapy," which promises to change homosexuals to heterosexuals.

"I wasn't looking for anything sexual or inappropriate," said Emitt. "I was looking for information about scholarships for LGBT students, and I couldn't get to it because of this software. Our schools shouldn't be keeping students in the dark about LGBT organizations and resources."

I personally have a problem with colleges even having scholarships and other resources that cater to LGBT students, just like I disagree with the same for minority students. Where's the equality in it? I am all for scholarships, but I believe they should be based on academics or other criteria that excludes your race, sexual preference, gender, and other things that give no clue to the type of student you will be or what you can give back to society.

After that, my morals and political thoughts don't allow me to speak about this in an unbiased manner.

Think Outside the Box & Turn Off Your TV

National Turnoff Week April 20-26

Worried your kids are watching too much TV? Did you know that American children watch nearly three hours of television every day? Or, that children spend more time each year in front of the television than they do in school? Yikes! Well, unplug the TV, the computer, and the video games (adults too!) and explore the magical world of books. Give your children the chance to learn and create, and to spend time with theh most important person in their lives....YOU!

Thanks for the info Books-A-Million.

I know my family will unplug (as much as my school work allows me too). I often wonder just how much more my family could get done if it wasn't for the TV. Or, how close we would be. I doubt there'd be the age-old "I'm booooorrred!!" because we'd have to learn how to entertain ourselves.

Sidney Wood once said, "An educated man is one who can entertain a new idea, entertain another person, and entertain himself."

Monday, April 13, 2009

Quote of the Day


....sorry, I had to throw a lil political humor in there...Forgive me? ;)

Ingredients of a Good Teacher

Have you ever read those silly little "recipes" that show the ingredients of say, a Mom? 3 c. Love, 1 tsp meanness, 1 gallon patience, etc...

There are certain qualitites and characteristics we come to expect of good parents, good preachers, and good teachers. I'm sure there's a butt-load of good ones, but if you had to pick the Top 5, what would you say?

One of my favorite teachers this semester told us her Top 5 and I believe they're good ones:

1. Positive Attitude
2. Flexibility
3. Compassion
4. Good Communication Skills
5. Loves Learning

I know you'll agree that these are pretty good...seems they would be a good Top 5 for Moms and Preachers alike too. :)

I KNOW these are good qualities to have, but as I sit and think about whether I possess them, I'm not real sure. Sometimes I have a crummy attitude; I'm not sure I'd be thrilled to have all my hard work at lesson planning go down the tubes for x,y,and z; I do feel I have compassion (until I get that angry parent in my face, or I get the lazy/no good parent, etc); I can communicate my feelings and wants my husband (LOL), but will I be able to do that with my co-workers, my kids' parents, my kids??; I do honestly feel that I enjoy learning, but again sometimes that's all relative. Learning what? Science?-heck naw! New classroom management suggestions? Bring it on! Learning in general? Sure.

I suppose only time will tell how all these will play out once I'm in the school system, I do know that I will try my best and I'll certainly ask God for help.

I think having a good support system, whether in- or outside the school will be a necessity.

So, I ask....Do you possess these qualities? Do you have better ones to add?

Do you believe I should get out of the teaching field immediately?!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Shift Happens

This was 2006 current, but is still very evident (if not more) today and into the future:

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm starting this blog as a place for educators, present and future (and past I suppose), may come and see what I'm doing as a pre-servie teacher and as a place for me to post various topics, videos, etc on education that I find interesting, disturbing, insightful, etc. This is a place for parents as well to see what is happening with education and to keep up with things.

Some things will be what I'm doing in school. Others will be articles or videos I find about the education world. I plan to post links on the side bar for parents and teachers as well.

I can't say what direction all this will take. This is a chance for me to keep up with what I am doing in these years, so later I can reflect on what I was thinking now versus what I will be thinking about education in the future. Could be interesting.

So, follow along.