Thursday, April 9, 2009


I'm starting this blog as a place for educators, present and future (and past I suppose), may come and see what I'm doing as a pre-servie teacher and as a place for me to post various topics, videos, etc on education that I find interesting, disturbing, insightful, etc. This is a place for parents as well to see what is happening with education and to keep up with things.

Some things will be what I'm doing in school. Others will be articles or videos I find about the education world. I plan to post links on the side bar for parents and teachers as well.

I can't say what direction all this will take. This is a chance for me to keep up with what I am doing in these years, so later I can reflect on what I was thinking now versus what I will be thinking about education in the future. Could be interesting.

So, follow along.


  1. great idea. I'll finally be finishing up my BA this fall and people are asking me my plans for hopping into the teaching career. At this point, I'm still a little unsure. One advantage is that, by graduating in the fall, I should have a few months at least before any districts really start looking to hire new teachers.'s time to start looking into the teaching world and see what's out there to prepare and inspire teachers new and old.

  2. Well good luck with all your education endeavors. I'm certainly feeling the pinch of the ending semester, which unfortunately has left little time to devote to this lil project. I'll hope you'll not grow too restless waiting on posts, but I do hope you continue to check back and post at will. :)