Friday, April 10, 2009

Shift Happens

This was 2006 current, but is still very evident (if not more) today and into the future:


  1. Cool vid and definitely very applicable. When I was doing some service hours in a school, I chatted with one of the teachers about the sort of 'technology gap' between teachers and students and the fact that students are really craving a change to the "standard" education system.

  2. While I'm not completely illiterate and actually enjoy making lessons that incorporate technology, even I must admit that it won't take too many years for me to be very behind in the technology boom that's happening. My hubby already fusses at me some about it, and I know if not for this reason alone, I must embrace learning more and more as it comes available.

  3.'s amazing how quickly things change. Before I started school down the "education" track, I started working in the computer software field. Ten years later, most of the qualifications that got me my first job are largely irrelevant today. Technology changes so quickly. I feel like I'm pretty tech literate while working in the field, but even as I look at the younger students in college with me or at students in the grade schools, I'm amazed at easy it's going to be for me to be out of touch. Crazy.