Friday, April 17, 2009

ACLU Threatens Suit in Gay Web Site Filtering

ACLU Threatens Suit in Gay Web Site Filtering

April 17, 2009

Last December, when Andrew Emitt starting looking for college scholarships, he turned to his high school library, hoping to find Web sites that would guide him.

Gay high school senior Andrew Emitt has joined forces with the ACLU to end blocking of LGBT resource Web sites, which they say is "protected speech."
(ABC News)But the Tennessee 17-year-old is gay, and when he searched for organizations that might be friendly to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) students, he hit a firewall.

What he discovered is that 107 schools in Tennessee -- including his, Knoxville Central High School -- use software that can block Web sites catering to gay issues.

Emitt couldn't find any education sites, but he could find those that promoted "reparative therapy," which promises to change homosexuals to heterosexuals.

"I wasn't looking for anything sexual or inappropriate," said Emitt. "I was looking for information about scholarships for LGBT students, and I couldn't get to it because of this software. Our schools shouldn't be keeping students in the dark about LGBT organizations and resources."

I personally have a problem with colleges even having scholarships and other resources that cater to LGBT students, just like I disagree with the same for minority students. Where's the equality in it? I am all for scholarships, but I believe they should be based on academics or other criteria that excludes your race, sexual preference, gender, and other things that give no clue to the type of student you will be or what you can give back to society.

After that, my morals and political thoughts don't allow me to speak about this in an unbiased manner.

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