Friday, April 17, 2009

Think Outside the Box & Turn Off Your TV

National Turnoff Week April 20-26

Worried your kids are watching too much TV? Did you know that American children watch nearly three hours of television every day? Or, that children spend more time each year in front of the television than they do in school? Yikes! Well, unplug the TV, the computer, and the video games (adults too!) and explore the magical world of books. Give your children the chance to learn and create, and to spend time with theh most important person in their lives....YOU!

Thanks for the info Books-A-Million.

I know my family will unplug (as much as my school work allows me too). I often wonder just how much more my family could get done if it wasn't for the TV. Or, how close we would be. I doubt there'd be the age-old "I'm booooorrred!!" because we'd have to learn how to entertain ourselves.

Sidney Wood once said, "An educated man is one who can entertain a new idea, entertain another person, and entertain himself."

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