Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I got my Placement Letter for Student Teaching in the mail about a week ago. It said that I would be in my county for both placements. It gave me the name of my universtiy supervisor (score- I got the lady I wanted!) The only thing it didn't tell me is what school and grades I'll be teaching. Bummer. I have to call tomorrow (Jan 6) to be told my placement. We are supposed to go into our school by Jan 7 to introduce ourselves to our cooperating teacher and principal and to get a feel for the school and its layout. Yeesh.

Jan 8, I have to be at MTSU by 9am (early!!!) for a student teacher meeting, where I will hopefully come away with answers and an ease about all this (haha). Saturday, Jan 9, I take my last 2 Praxis exams, and Monday I start placement. W O W . I don't feel I have time to breathe and take it all in and be prepared.

Tonight and tomorrow I will be looking over notes and things to prepare for the Praxis. Please say a prayer for me.

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  1. Hope everything goes well for you!! Good luck!!