Sunday, January 10, 2010

Classroom Blog

I have set up a blog for my 2nd grade class that I'm gonna have for student teaching. I'm nervous but exciting about using this technology as a way for my students and their parents to see what we're doing and to find important information, educational games/activities, and photos of the kids doing projects in class, etc.

I'm gonna have to write a letter to the parents making sure that they know about the site and that they're ok with pics of their kids online.

Hoping this will be a positive thing for all involved! Tell me what you think:


  1. It's a cool idea. I've seen a variety of classroom blogs from elementary through high school and, as long as you can get the activity level up, they tend to work out well.

    Congrats on your student teaching assignment. Have fun. :)

  2. unfortunately, my principal decided it may not be a good idea to have it.