Thursday, September 10, 2009

Student Responsibility

This is the exact speech given by President Obama to all the students watching the morning of Sept 8.

If you remember from a previous post, I was on the fence concerning this speech. My children did not get to see the president speak; our county decided not to show it because they did not want to re-arrange their lesson plans to accomodate it. This may come as a shocker to some, but I'm disappointed about that decision.

I will say that this is a decision that's led only because of the wonderful thing called hindsight and everybody knows that vision is a lot better than what we have in the present.

The White House actually publicly displayed the speech and it was available to print by Monday. I did so and watched the coverage via CNN, with the script in hand to see if he veered from it any. He rarely did and when he did, it certainly wasn't significant.

I loved that speech. I know a lot of conservatives weren't thrilled about this, though we all pretty much agreed that it wasn't the speech we had a problem with. But here's the thing: none of the teachers had to promise to do any of those lesson ideas. The speech was worth hearing.

When my kids got home from school that day, I sat them down and told them that the president had spoken to many kids and I wanted them to hear what he had to say. I read the script to them.

I know they are only 6 and almost 5, and some of it went over their heads, but we discussed it some after I read it. I encourage my blog readers to do the same with your own children. He said some things that we should be telling our kids at home.

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