Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inspirational Teacher

I've never met this woman, but I subscribe to her blog. This is the link to a blog that Mrs. Elliott sets up for her students, their parents, and anybody else interested in what she and her class are doing.

Her class is fun and innovative and I would LOVE to one day visit it. I think she has a lot to teach others.

I emailed her once and she suggested that I do a blog much like hers when I start my student teaching. I am curious if anybody has any suggestions to go along with that or another great suggestion for student teaching....something that really wows the kids (and the administration).

I think a blog like this is cool....HOWEVER, I don't know that I'm savvy enough to do it. :( Plus, I'll only be with them for half a semester.


  1. A lady from my parents' church stopped me last week when I was visiting to tell me she looked at this blog and LOVED what she saw! I'm so pleased. And again asked myself, "Self, can you do something like this when you student teach?"

    I'm still looking for the answer...I'm hoping someone tech savvy is going to appear from above and say "sure you can; I'll help!"

    So...anybody know a heavenly blog savvy guy/gal?? :)

  2. Oh Pish Posh....hahaha....You can do anything you set your mind to do!! If I can do this my dear friend...ANYONE can! haha Thank you for your sweet blog post! It made me a little teary I must say.