Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hats off to the Class of '09

MTSU's commencement ceremonies were this morning, and my family went to cheer on my good friend, "Ro" who received her degree in education. Thank goodness I love her cuz it's almost not worth it. It was hot, LOOOOONG, and what drove me nuts is that EVERYBODY (ahem, the family & friends) talks through the entire ceremony. I could feel my temperature rising and was actually getting a headache from trying to hear the speakers through the noise that consumed that gym. AAAGGGGHHHH!! It is totally one of my pet peeves for people to talk while others are talking. It's rude to the speaker and it's rude to those wanting to hear. I finally gave up trying to hear which is probably why my headache never got too bad.

I wish I could've done more for my friend, cuz I really am proud of her. She is going to be an EXCELLENT teacher!

Side note: I start summer classes Monday and I'm so dreading it!

Go Class of '10 !!!!! :)

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