Friday, February 26, 2010

First Placement

Wow....I have just one week left in my first placement of Student Teaching. I have learned A LOT and have really grown to care alot about these lil nuggets. While there's always things that drive you crazy about them, there are so many of the little moments that just make you smile and feel so good about this role you are in and what you are doing in the life of a child.

While my class is a very talkative one...and we have to deal with that the best we can....individually or in small groups, they are so funny, so talented, so silly, so sweet.

I will miss them. I am afraid that saying goodbye is going to be very difficult. They already know I'm a big sap (they made fun of me for crying while watching the Helen Keller movie) so maybe they won't fault me for it. ;)


  1. Aww...that's so cute!! I cry at commercials, so I'm pretty sure I'd be a big sap watching that movie too!!

  2. It was funny; they're regualar teacher walked in and the kids said, "Ms. Hawthorne, Mrs. Honea's crying!" She quickly asked me if something was wrong. haha...nope, just a crybaby when it comes to some