Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Student Teaching Seminar

Yesterday was a loooong day, and only part of the reason is because we (my classmates and I) had to drive to MTSU that evening. It's about an hour's drive to the campus, but then you have to find parking.... At any rate, I didn't get home until almost 10p.m.
The seminar was a little insightful I suppose, though we still don't know many specifics and won't until closer to January. It amazes me that we won't know our placement until the week that we are to be there.
While the seminar left many of my classmates more worried and stressed, I decided that I have too many other things going on right now just with the classes at hand to allow this to stress me out YET. lol I know the day will come when it will and that that day isn't too far off.

As a side note, during a class (interesting enough, one that I'm not a part of but attended anyway- long, crazy story), I read this and thought you might enjoy it too:

1. You get a secret thrill out of laminating something.

2. You can eat a multi-course meal in under 25 minutes.

3. You've trained yourself to go to the bathroom at two distinct times of the day: lunch and planningn period.

4. You start saving other people's trash, because, most likely, you can use that toilet paper tube for something in the classroom.

5. You want to slap the next person that says, "Must be nice to work 7:30-3:00 and have the summers off."

6. You feel the urge to talk to strange children and correct their behavior when you are out in public.

7. You spend more money on school stuff than you do on your own children.

8. You understand instantaneously why a child behaves a certain way after meeting his/her parents.

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